BMC Polls: Mumbai Police issues prohibitory orders to ensure safe vote counting


In order to ensure the peaceful process of Vote counting of BMC polls, the Mumbai police have tightened security and have issued prohibitory orders to be followed by the citizen on Thursday.

The order states, that within the 200 metres of 23 counting centres, no legal or illegal weapons would be allowed to carry, use of mobile phones, cordless phones or pagers would not be allowed, there will also be restriction on violating the noise decibel beyond permissible limits near the counting centres, restriction on display of any pamphlets, ferrying of private vehicles and entry near the counting premises.

Police security will also be deployed for poll counting, to be done at 23 centres in the city on Thursday. “We have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid any untoward incident and have also deployed sufficient police force at the polling centres as well as all over the city at the sensitive zones,” said Ashok Dudhe, Mumbai Police spokesperson and Deputy Commissioner of Police(operation).

“Action will be taken against a person if anyone does not follow the orders” Dudhe added.

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