Dil Buffering: Will Abby fall back in love with the new Deepak?


Recently bindass launched, Dil Buffering, a fun romantic series that has been grabbing the attention of millennials. The story is of a 24-year-old hopeless romantic Abby, who is in the pursuit of finding true love. In the previous episode, Abby was seen setting off on the journey to reconnect with her first love, Deepak. In the past, Abby had lost touch with him because of a misunderstanding created by his sister. The upcoming episode will be a roller-coaster ride as Abby meets Deepak with the hope that maybe he was her Mr.Right.

When Abby goes to meet Deepak at his clinic, where he serves as a proctologist, she bumps into him and finds him in a whole new avatar. Deepak’s new look evokes mixed emotions for Abby. However, following RJ Ali’s advice of giving love a fair chance, Abby decides to give Deepak a second chance. Will Abby fall in love with the new Deepak? Is he her Mr. Right? What happens on their first date at the cafe?

Watch the interesting turn of events in the upcoming episode of Dil Buffering on Friday at 7pm only on bindass – linear and digital platforms Facebook and YouTube.

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