FB makes it easier to report harassment


Early this year, social media giant Facebook was under the limelight as many users complained that explicit images were “shared in revenge” on the platform without their consent, which violates the company’s terms of service.

In an effort to curb this crime, Facebook added tools to make it easier for users to report the so-called “revenge porn” and to automatically prevent the images from being shared again once they have been banned.

Users can see an option to report a picture as inappropriate specifically because it is a “nude photo of me”.

A specially trained group of Facebook employees will provide a human review of each reported image. The process to prevent repeat sharing requires Facebook to retain the banned pictures in a database, although the images are blurred and only a small number of employees have access to the database.

The company had also asked for nude photos from users in Australia for a pilot project designed to prevent intimate images from being shared without consent.

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