MTDC introduces tourist guide app for city’s heritage sites


In a bid to boost heritage tourism in the city, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has decided to launch a mobile app that will enable users to locate heritage structures in Mumbai and provide in-depth information on them. MTDC plans to take the app’s functionality a step further by installing QR codes at heritage sites which, on scanning, will provide tourists with details about the structure on their phones. MTDC’s Information Technology department is currently working on the application and it is likely to be launched in March 2018.

“India is home to a number of heritage structures and we should work towards encashing these sites. This makes focusing on heritage tourism very important. The mobile app and QR code functionality will attract international tourists,” said Joint Managing Director, MTDC, Ashotush Rathod.

Authorities are hopeful that the convenience of information on the app will attract tourists from across the country and locals from the city to these heritage sites as well. MTDC’s General Manager, Swati Kale said, “When one gets in-depth information on heritage sites, a visitor’s approach towards the site changes. For example details such as the objective to build it, its historic importance, type of architecture and how it is different from a neighbouring heritage structure, make for helpful and interesting information.”

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