Subhash Desai takes jibe at Gujarat govt


Taking potshots at the BJP-ruled Gujarat, industries minister and senior Shiv Sena leader Subhash Desai said that despite the hype around the state being a magnet for industries, the conversion of proposals into actual investments was poor.

Desai charged that while many states held programmes like “Vibrant Gujarat,” and claimed to attract proposals running into crores, the conversion into actual investments was low. He also dismissed charges by the Congress that Karnataka had edged out Maharashtra when it came to attracting industrial investments.

He added that Maharashtra had attracted investment proposals worth Rs 30,401 crore from 44 industries in the electronics sector. These units were expected to start in three to five years and create one lakh jobs.

“In this financial year, we may see 54,000 new jobs being created due to the completion of 77 projects worth Rs 31,000 crore,” said Desai. He added that of the MoUs worth Rs 7.94 lakh crore, around Rs 4 lakh crore was at various stages.

Desai said Maharashtra had attracted 44.3 per cent of the FDI inflows into the country in 2016-17, which was more than 13.7 per cent in 2013-14.

Claiming that Maharashtra topped the actual implementation of investment proposals between January to September 2017, Desai said the state had commissioned 50 proposals worth Rs 9,122 crore, which were more than Gujarat’s Rs 6,743 crore (42 projects) and Karnataka (15 projects and Rs 1,595 crore).

However, Desai admitted that the proposed investment of Rs 35,000 crore by electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn in Maharashtra had failed to materialise due to reasons like geo-political tensions between India and China. “There is no progress on Foxconn. Things are not moving forward due to the tensions between India and China. But, we are not depending only on Foxconn for investments in the electronics sector but also attracting other players like Sterlite and Twinstar,” said Desai.

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