Video: PIZZA in CHAI!!!! Yes, someone actually tried that

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 27, 2017 7:34 pm

The video shows the person swirling the pizza slice in the tea and it will make you feel squeamish. (Source: Just Pakistani Things/ Facebook)

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Now, we’re huge fans of food experimentation. After all, that’s how things evolve and we can expect new foods to pamper our taste buds. But there are some things that just should NOT be allowed. If the world was divided on the matter of pineapple as an acceptable topping on pizza – and this even had world leaders and A-list chefs weighing in (from Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay to Iceland’s president wanting to ban it totally, there is no end to this dispute) – then this next combination will make you shudder to your deepest core.

In fact, this could even start a World War III – over pizza, no less! Okay, we’re exaggerating a tiny bit, but pizza lovers from around the globe be warned, because once seen, you can not unsee it.

Just stating that we’ve warned you first.

A video is doing rounds on social media that shows someone DUNKING a slice of pizza in a cup of CHAI! Yes, you read it right… It’s blasphemous! It’s sacrilege! Yet, it did happen. The video further shows the person swirling the slice in the tea and it will make you feel squeamish.

The video was shared on a popular Facebook page known as Just Pakistani Things, and even the page admins warned the video is not for the faint-hearted, and we completely agree.

Watch the video here

Pakistani users have been freaking out since they saw the video and have been abusing the person, who ever decided to insult beloved pizza.

But this not first time, Pakistan went too overboard to make pizza desi. Earlier one pizza company in Karachi decided to launch Nihari pizza and fans went into a meltdown. Just look at with, served with ‘dhaniya patta and nimboo!’

Seriously, what were they thinking!

Another sacrilegious incident happened when a Bangladeshi pizza company decided to top their crust with Biryani! Thankfully it was only an April’s Fool Day prank and people found their peace.

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